Justin Bieber: ‘The police really like to pull me over’

Justin Bieber thinks his Ferrari 458 Italia is getting him into trouble.

“It drives amazing, although, you know what, the police really like to pull me over,” Bieber said in an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday. “I don’t do anything, I promise. It looks bad ... you see pictures of me getting pulled over. But really, the tints are really dark.

And that’s why the cops have been repeatedly pulling him over, folks.


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“Usually, I need dark tints because I don’t want to cause accidents because people are trying to take pictures. I just thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints .... I’m thinking about other people.”

Fallon focused quite a bit on the Internet sensation’s philanthropy rather than his headline-making activities. Bieber then went on to play three-point shootout with Fallon, where he revealed that Chuck Norris is his father, said his abs are his musical guest and somehow managed to make out with a mannequin.

Bieber, who was snubbed from this Sunday’s upcoming Grammy Awards, is gearing up for his performances on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. He solicited some advice from Fallon, an “SNL” alum, and NBC has debuted his promo with the show’s Kenan Thompson. Watch the five-spot sequence below.

“OK ... You better BELIEB it!” Thompson blurts out in the promo. “I’m sorry I can’t resists. It’s un-Beliebably good!”

The singer will both host and be the musical act on the variety show this weekend, and we’ve previously learned that all the salacious deeds currently swirling around his teeny-bopper name won’t be off limits. We’re looking at you, pot-smoking photos.

Bieber teased to the promo on Twitter on Wednesday morning and later tweeted “rehearsals today. #BIEBERonSNL.”

Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Britney Spears have all simultaneously hosted and performed the NBC series.

Will you watch?


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