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‘Desperate Housewives’ death toll

Is Wisteria Lane dangerous for your health? It would sure seem that way with the amount of characters who have met their maker during the four seasons of “Desperate Housewives.” Having trouble remembering all the untimely demises along the way? Well, look no further than here. (Lets us all bow our heads for a moment of TV history silence as we recap Desperate’s dearly departed.) (ABC)
RIP: Edie Britt, right (Nicollette Sheridan)

Cause of death: Edie discovers her husband Dave’s past life and becomes collateral damage in his plans for revenge.

Will be remembered for: Having the best lines on the show. Who else will give the rest of the housewives hell now? (ABC)
RIP: Dr. Samuel Heller (Stephen Spinella)

Cause of death: After discovering grieving widower Dave Williams’ secret, the good doctor tries to convince Dave to leave Wisteria Lane. Dave instead chokes Heller to death and sets him on fire.

Will be remembered for: Never being around when Mrs. McClusky needed him most.  (Damon Winter / Los Angeles Times)
RIP: Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong)

Cause of death: Suicide before the season started as a result of being blackmailed by her neighbor Martha Huber for having stolen her baby from a hospital.

Will be remembered for her: Omnipotent knowledge of the goings on around her block from beyond the grave. (ABC)
RIP: Rex Van De Kamp (Steven Culp)

Cause of death: It was the third heart attack that eventually did old Rex in. The first two had been due to natural causes, but the killer one was because his drugs had been tampered with by his pharmacist George Williams who had fallen obsessively in love with his wife Bree. Maybe if Rex had been a little nicer to Williams he’d still be alive.

Will be remembered for his: Need to be dominated in bed, which led to him having an affair, which led to him having his first heart attack. Also, for wrongly blaming (and wrongly forgiving) his wife for killing him. (ABC)
RIP: George Williams (Roger Bart)

Cause of death: He died of a sleeping pill overdose, but he was counting on Bree to save his life. Too bad for him she had just learned that Williams was responsible for her husband’s death, and although she told him she called the ambulance, she didn’t and instead watched him die in a hotel room.

Will be remembered for: Rigidness, obsessiveness and the foolhardy belief that his gun toting lady-love would save his life. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)
RIP: Victor Lang (John Slattery)

Cause of death: A flying fence post that impales him in the midst of a tornado and a fight to the death with Carlos Solis.

Will be remembered for: Marrying Gabrielle Solis, and trying to kill her then- ex-husband Carlos. (ABC)
RIP: Nora Huntington (Kiersten Warren, left)

Cause of death: Killed by Carolyn Bigsby, who shot her while holding a group of people hostage in her husband’s grocery store -- a simple case of being in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

Will be remembered for: Helping her boss send his wife sex-themed e-mails, her love of her sweet daughter Kayla and never understanding that it’s probably best to leave if nobody wants you around. (ABC)
RIP: Matthew Applewhite (Mehcad Brooks)

Cause of death: Matthew Applewhite died as the result of a bullet from a police sniper just moments before he was about to pull the trigger on Bree Van De Kamp. Bree was never in real danger, though. It was a set-up, which allowed her to prove to her daughter Danielle that her boyfriend (Applewhite) is capable of murder.

Will be remembered for: Being a mama’s boy with a dark past. (Fox)
RIP: Alma Hodge (Valerie Mahaffey)

Cause of death: Falling off a roof while trying to escape from her attic where she had been locked up by her ex-mother-in-law.

Will be remembered for: Raping her ex-husband Orson with the help of hormones and Viagra, being presumed dead or almost dead several times throughout the series, and posthumously taking the rap for having murdered Monique Polier when Orson plants Polier’s teeth and a suicide note in her house. (WireImage)
RIP: Juanita Solis (Lupe Ontiveros)

Cause of death: Falling down the stairs of a hospital after having just woken up from a five-month coma as a result of being accidentally run over by Andrew Van De Kamp.

Will be remembered for: Finally finding evidence that her son’s wife Gabrielle was cheating on him, but failing to get the evidence to another living person. (WireImage)
RIP: Martha Huber (Christine Estabrook)

Cause of death: Strangled to death by Paul Young after he learned that she blackmailed his wife.

Will be remembered for: Being the quintessential nosy neighbor, discovering that Mary Alice Young stole a baby from a hospital in, and keeping a thorough journal on the goings-on of everyone on Wisteria Lane. (WireImage)
RIP: Carolyn Bigsby (Laurie Metcalf)

Cause of death: Shot by a woman she was holding hostage with her own gun at her husband Harvey’s grocery store where she had gone after learning that Harvey had an affair with Monique Polier.

Will be remembered for: Killing Nora Huntington, being incorrectly convinced that Orson had killed his ex-wife Alma. (ABC)
RIP: Ida Greenberg (Pat Crawford Brown)

Cause of death: Killed during a tornado when she sacrificed herself to save Lynette Scavo’s family.

Will be remembered for: Her drinking problem, discovering Alma Hodge’s dead body, her contributions at Neighborhood Watch meetings.

By Deborah Netburn and Denise Martin, Times Staff Writers (WireImage)