Review: Skip the plot, cut to the action with martial arts film ‘Lady Bloodfight’


If you’re a big fan of drunken debates over “Who would win?” “Lady Bloodfight” may be the martial arts film for you. Especially if you’re still drunk. This silly action movie from “Kiss of the Dragon” director Chris Nahon pits a halberd against nunchakus and boxing against kung fu in a tournament to see who is the best female fighter in the world.

While backpacking in Hong Kong, American Jane Jones (Amy Johnston) is discovered by Wudang master Shu (Muriel Hoffman). Shu trains Jane for an upcoming tournament for women fighters of different disciplines using a variety of weapons. Jane’s skills will have to be enough to not only win the tournament but also leave the ring with her life.

Martial arts films are rarely known for emoting and line delivery, and “Lady Bloodfight” is no exception. The physically talented Johnston is better with a punch than a punch line, while most of the other actors are awful when speaking. The cast isn’t done any favors by the screenplay from Bey Logan and Judd Bloch, which also features an unnecessarily complex plot.


“Lady Bloodfight” would be knocked out immediately if matched against classics in the genre. However, it provides enough variety in its action to satisfy fans who merely want to watch the fists land and the blood spray, even if we’d recommend fast-forwarding through any scene without a fight.


‘Lady Bloodfight’

Rated: R, for for brutal violence and some language

Running time: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Royal, West L.A.

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