‘Skyfall’ trailer shows James Bond’s life after death

James Bond takes a bullet, tumbles from a train into a rocky ravine, fakes his own death and goes incognito after someone uploads a YouTube video identifying every secret agent in Britain.

But that doesn’t halt our hero Daniel Craig’s flirtations with a slender, smoky-eyed brunette.

All this and more is revealed in the new “Skyfall” trailer, released Tuesday. Bond newcomers Ben Whishaw (who plays Q with a nerdy, Esquire-model look) and Javier Bardem (the next Bond villain) join Judi Dench and Craig in the cast.

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Just in time for the London Olympics, too: The action-packed trailer comes less than a week after Craig and Queen Elizabeth parachuted from a helicopter for the Games’ opening ceremony.

Amid the chaos, expect epic Bond dialogue in the franchise’s 23rd installment:

“Everybody needs a hobby,” says a stoic Bond.

“So, what’s yours?” his latest opponent replies.



“Skyfall” hits theaters in October.


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