Anti-Islamic film’s L.A. County permit details crew and effects


The makers of the anti-Islamic movie that has been blamed for sparking riots across the world worked with a cast and crew of 40 people and some simple pyrotechnics at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita last August, according to a film permit released today by FilmL.A.

The permit covers a one-day shoot for the film, which was then called “Desert Warriors” and has become known as “Innocence of Muslims” since 14 minutes of excerpts were uploaded to YouTube in July.

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Los Angeles County authorities had asked FilmL.A., which coordinates film shoots around L.A. County, not to release the permit last week because of public safety concerns. On Thursday, L.A. County officials asked FilmL.A. to begin distributing the permit, with some information redacted.

A Duarte-based Christian nonprofit group called Media for Christ is listed as the production company on the permit, but names and contact information for the producer, director and other key crew members have been blacked out.

Some cast and crew members on the film have come forward to say they were tricked by its producer, Sam Bacile, which appears to be a pseudonym for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

Here is a copy of the permit:


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