Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson debut ‘The Internship’ trailer online

The comedy duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bantered with fans and unveiled the trailer for their upcoming film, “The Internship,” via an interactive video chat Wednesday.

The event was streamed as a Google+ Hangout — a tidy bit of synergy given that the film revolves around two old-school salesmen, played by Vaughn and Wilson, who talk their way into coveted internships at Google in an attempt to restart their flagging careers.


The Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet search giant does not have a financial stake in the 20th Century Fox movie, but did give the film crew access to its campus in September and also consulted on creating a Google-like set.

During the hangout, which was hosted by talk show host Conan O’Brien, Vaughn and Wilson took questions from fans and displayed their trademark brands of humor. Vaughn, for example, delivered a long, motormouthed digression speculating on the fate of Jeeves, the erstwhile mascot of Ask Jeeves. (“I think Jeeves is probably taking a long-deserved rest,” he said.)

Wilson comported himself in his usual aw-shucks style. Asked what advice he had for like-minded underqualified interns, he said, “Doesn’t hurt to show a little nipple.”

The trailer for “The Internship” suggests that fans of Vaughn and Wilson’s previous film together, “Wedding Crashers,” have plenty to look forward to, including the two huddling over a webcam together, fist-bumping Google dweebs, committing generational gaffes and getting punched — Vaughn in the face, Wilson in the crotch — by a man in a wheelchair.


“The Internship” opens June 7. Watch the trailer below.



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