‘22 Jump Street’ red-band trailer: Tatum, Hill hit spring break

“It’s the same case -- do the same thing!”

So barks Ice Cube to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the new expletive-filled red-band trailer for their upcoming buddy-cop comedy “22 Jump Street,” which finds the latter two once again starring as goofball narcs Jenko and Schmidt.

The line functions as marching orders for the undercover duo, who busted a high-school drug ring in the 2012 surprise hit “21 Jump Street” and this time around are sent to do the same at a college. (Watch the new red-band “22 Jump Street” trailer here; parental guidance suggested.)

But Cube’s command is also a sly joke from returning directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller about the movie’s sequel status and Hollywood’s approach to film franchises in general: If something works, do it again, but bigger and louder! (The sequential title is another wink.)

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Tatum and Hill displayed memorable bromantic chemistry in the first “Jump Street,” which rebooted the 1980s TV show into a big-screen caper that impressed critics and grossed $138 million at the domestic box office, on a $42-million budget.


The new trailer opens with the partner pals in couples therapy ironing out a few kinks, but before long they’re off to college with all the essentials: “Hot plate. Beanbag chair. Hilarious shirt that signals we drink alcohol.” Soon come the magic words, “spring break.” Mayhem and comedy will surely ensue.

Opening June 23, “22 Jump Street” promises to test Lord and Miller’s sterling track record of spinning seemingly silly ideas into witty, imaginative hits. They previously did so with such diverse films as “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” the original “21 Jump Street” and most recently “The Lego Movie,” the highest-grossing movie of the year thus far at $251 million and counting.


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