‘Carrie’ prank scares coffee shop patrons, markets movie


Before a genre movie such as “Carrie” comes out, studios like to go viral with all sorts of novel video, often from the film itself.

But when it comes to these marketing videos, nothing beats seeing real people in a crazy situation -- especially if it involves telekinesis.

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Check out the above video. People in a New York coffee shop look aghast when a patron begins to levitate items and humans, Carrie-style. Well, “people in a New York coffee shop” -- from the way it’s all set up, there’s a certain actor-y feel to it all. Still, it’s a pretty cool trick.

The stunt was orchestrated by MGM and Screen Gems, which are set to bring out the remake of the Brian de Palma staple, based on Stephen King’s iconic novel and starring Chloe Grace Moretz, on Oct. 18.

If only they could use telekinesis to get viewers into theaters.


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