‘Cold in July’ with Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson heats up new trailer

Don’t get confused, but “July” will be coming early with the release of the crime thriller “Cold in July” on May 23. IFC Films just released a trailer for the film.

The retro-flavored movie was one of many genre-twisting entries to emerge from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, alongside the recent release “The Raid 2,” as well as the upcoming “Life After Beth,” “The One I Love” and “The Guest.”

Directed by Jim Mickle, “July” is an adaptation of the 1989 crime novel by Joe R. Lonsdale. The screenplay is by Mickle and frequent collaborator Nick Damici, with the pair having become one of the most highly lauded duos on the current independent genre scene.

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The story follows a small-town man (Michael C. Hall) who shoots dead a burglar in his home. That draws him into a complicated underworld involving the dead man’s father (Sam Shepard) and a fantastically flaky private detective (Don Johnson), with nothing quite what it seems. The cast also includes Vinessa Shaw as Hall’s wife and Wyatt Russell as a sleazebag heavy.

The son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, pro hockey player turned actor Wyatt Russell also appeared in Mickle’s previous film, “We Are What We Are.” If Mickle has been garnering acclaim as an indie heir to genre master John Carpenter, that looks to make Wyatt Russell something of his, well, Kurt Russell.

“We Are What We Are,” a remake of a Mexican film that mashes up cannibal horror and family drama, premiered in the Midnight section of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. With the change-up thriller “Cold in July,” Mickle and Damici moved to the prestigious main stage of the festival as part of this year’s Dramatic Competition.

“I think it’s good to jump around and do something different,” said Damici in an interview prior to Sundance. “Horror’s always going to be there. We can always go back to it. It’s not going to go away.”



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