Daniel Craig out of ‘Whole Truth’; can he find a non-Bond adventure?

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond in 2006’s “Casino Royale.”

Daniel Craig has been, with little exaggeration, the best James Bond in many years, and a contender for the best James Bond ever.

Outside the precincts of 007? Not as smooth.

We received another reminder of that Wednesday when Craig apparently opted out of a legal thriller “The Whole Truth” just days before it was to start shooting. Given the auspices — an indie that was Courtney Hunt’s first movie in six years — it was an interesting project but far from clearly the second-coming of “The Verdict.” Still, it would have been nice to see Craig shake things up.

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It’s been a while since the actor has had a notable screen role outside the Bond franchise. He famously came on to play Mikael Blomqvist in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” but that Stieg Larsson redo didn’t exactly set the world afire. Meanwhile, his genre mash-up with Jon Favreau, “Cowboys & Aliens,” was a disappointment. And there was the debacle-ous Jim Sheridan horror pic “Dream House,” which was hardly Craig’s fault, but still.

It’s not easy for a lot of people to find good roles in today’s tentpole-obsessed ‎Hollywood. Then again, a lot of people aren’t Daniel Craig. Something unexpected, or challenging or even fun would be nice, something to fill his time between 007 movies, and ours. If not, the new Bond does start filming in the fall. ...


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