Band name Cherry Glazerr sounds good to KCRW anchor

Cherry Glazerr members from left, Clementine Creevey, Sean Redman and Hannah Uribe photographed on Sunset Blvd.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

KCRW-FM morning anchor Chery Glaser isn’t the first journalist to be enshrined by rock ‘n’ rollers.

New York Times science writer Gina Kolata once had a band use her as a namesake, and late Ramones leader Joey Ramone went so far as to cop to a crush on television news anchor Maria Bartiromo in song, declaring that she was “outta sight.”

But when Glaser became hip to local rock trio Cherry Glazerr, Glaser went straight to the source, interviewing the band to find out why the group — whose two co-leaders, Clementine Creevy and Hannah Uribe, are still in high school — chose her as inspiration.

“I was so flattered,” Glaser says. “I wasn’t worried about what their music would sound like.”

Glaser put Cherry Glazerr on the spot, and singer-songwriter Creevy took credit for stealing the anchor’s name — and adding some extra consonants.


“I listen to KCRW pretty much every day, and you have a great name,” Creevy told Glaser. “So we just decided that it was a good fit for us. It’s got a great ring to it. It’s a very solid name.”

Glaser walked away pleased from the experience, declaring that “it was very sweet to meet them face to face.”

She was also impressed at the band’s business acumen. Self-managed by Creevy, the band’s debut for Orange County’s Burger Records, “Haxel Princess,” has managed to rack up sales of a few thousand and secure some high-profile appearances (see full Cherry Glazerr interview here).

“I was surprised how young they were and how much they had their act together and how savvy they were about the music business already,” Glaser says. “But at the same time, they were refreshingly very enthusiastic and not jaded at all. It was fun to see how thrilled they were to be at the station.”

In short, they’re deserving of the Glaser (or is that Glazerr?) name, says Glaser.

“I almost feel like some proud aunt watching her nieces and nephews do well.”

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