Tyga's embarrassing reality show past exposed

Here’s the thing about appearing on reality television: No matter how hard you try to put it behind you, it will always come back later -- especially if the show is a tragically corny MTV game show.

Back in 2008 MTV apparently thought it would be a great idea to pit wannabe rappers against one another for the ridiculously titled game show, “Bustas.”  The competition, hosted by West Coast rapper Kurupt (whatever happened to him?), featured mildly offensive contests such as “Guess the Rapper By His Grill” and “Is This a Real Rolex?” but somehow never made it to air.

But, thanks to an embarrassing early appearance by Young Money-Cash Money rapper Tyga, the show has surfaced online for the masses, thanks to the fine folks at TMZ. In the clip, Tyga doesn’t brag about the hard upbringing in Compton that’s been his origin story since he made it big through this year’s breakout disc, “Careless World: Rise of the Last King.”

“Grew up not too tough, parents got a Range Rover,” he says. “Doing it big, not too much hard, but I’m still street.” He then drops a freestyle that includes the line “they say I’m not hood cause I stay in the Valley, they say I never been in the alley.” He also reveals that his moniker (said to be an acronym for Thank You God Always) is actually because his mom “used to say I looked like Tiger Woods. I just stuck with that.”

Then it only gets worse. Contestants are asked to freestyle and incorporate buzzwords into their raps, and Tyga, who struggles with the word “amoeba,” gets booed off the stage. After also failing to identify a gangsta grill and struggling to dance, the future star loses out to a contestant who looks like Seth Rogan in baggy clothes.

While Tyga didn’t win the competition, he’s certainly had the last laugh, considering he has Nicki Minaj and Drake on speed dial along with a host of hits under his belt.

As for the potential loss of street cred? An exposed past certainly hasn't hurt Rick Ross' career. Get into Tyga's embarrassment below:


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