Daft Punk releases Giorgio Moroder ‘Collaborators’ video

Daft Punk doesn’t need any additional disco-nerd star power to pique the world’s interest in its new album, “Random Access Memories.” But in the first of what looks like a recurring series, the French electronic duo hosts a chat with one of its heroes and collaborators on the album: Giorgio Moroder.

Moroder is the pioneering producer whose smash-hit work with Donna Summer (like the sultry “I Feel Love”) arguably set the template for electronic dance music to come. His film work on classics such as “Scarface” and “Midnight Express” also became cultural touchstones.

In the eight-minute interview, the producer talks about his groundbreaking synthesis work, and a little on what to expect from “Random Access Memories.” “What the world needs now is not only good dance songs, which I think are out, the world needs something new,” he says in the interview.

“This is like a step forward. They had to do something which was different. Still dance, still electronic, but give that human touch back.”

The album reportedly includes collaborations with Chic’s Nile Rodgers and other rumored guests, and the plural of this “Collaborators” series suggests more video interviews are to come. Absent a Coachella date, we’ll have to take whatever new Daft Punk developments we can get.


(Also, as serious disco dorks, can we book our own Campari-and-soda-and-conversation date with Moroder someday?)


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