Coachella 2013: Eight outrageous Day 1 sightings

It doesn’t take long for debauchery to unfold on the fields of Coachella, especially with more than 80,000 music lovers packed in one place.

Somewhere between the dripping synths from Passion Pit and the (delayed) woozy electronics of Purity Ring, it was easy to spot a Coachella-goer gone wild.

Here are eight of the craziest sightings from Day One of Coachella:

1. The giant snail. Yes, really. One of the most bizarre sightings Friday was this innovative art installation. Dubbed Helix Poeticus, the massive, machine-operated snail slowly crept along the field during Modest Mouse’s performance, and its silver body shimmered under the night sky as its shell glowed.

2. The guy who lunged into an overflowing cardboard trash receptacle as Lee “Scratch” Perry jammed away on the Gobi stage.


3. Midway through Passion Pit’s mainstage performance, a woman took a moment to vomit. (Just as with the man above, we all feel the music in different ways.)

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4. A group of shirtless bros swinging around an inflatable sex doll as they walked to the festival from the parking lot. Sadly, they had to ditch their “toy” at the security checkpoint -- maybe they should have instead opted for an inflatable pink flamingo, which was spotted dancing along to Purity Ring.

5. The pair of men who walked the festival leaving little to the imagination. One was dressed in a sailor themed Speedo. The other, a tuxedo-inspired number with a tie covering his unmentionables.

6. The most puzzling piece of art was the colossal replica of a posh mansion that recalled Brian DePalma’s “Scarface.” Its size takes away some of the Empire Polo Field’s precious green space that’s great for laying out, but at night, images were projected onto the structure to emulate a lived–in home.

7. The girl who gleefully kept a hula hoop swinging on her hips for the entire length of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ set. The hula hoop lit up in a haze of blue, purple and red, and she even broke the flow to move to a new spot. That’s commitment.

8. The ridiculous (and impressive) cardboard cutout of Nicolas Cage’s face that one girl held high above her head as she danced during Jurassic 5’s late-night slot on the Outdoor Stage. The connection remains a mystery, but at Coachella the strangest things can make a strange kind of sense.


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