Chris Brown cited for allegedly tagging his own home

Neighbors have complained about street art painted outside entertainer Chris Brown's Hollywood Hills home.
(Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)

Chris Brown may swear “It’s all right, I’m not dangerous” on his single “Fine China,” but tell that to the poured concrete wall in front of his Hollywood Hills home.

Last week, the perpetually embattled singer was cited by the city of Los Angeles for alleged “unpermitted and excessive signage” in front of his home near the Cahuenga Pass.

That’s a kind way of describing what appears to be a gigantic amateur graffiti mural of fanged cartoon cloud-demons. So let’s be generous and say that it’s a slight departure from the other motifs of his actually-quite-attractive Jay Vanos-designed modernist home.


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The citation came after neighbors complained to city Councilman Tom LaBonge. Brown has already incurred a fine of $376.32 to pay for the inspector sent to warn him about the artwork, a fee set to nearly triple if he doesn’t remove the artwork in 30 days.

TMZ apparently has photos of Brown mid-project, the latest turn in his longstanding interest in emblazoning himself with sloppy artwork. Brown has no shortage of detractors, but hell hath no fury like a Hollywood Hills NIMBY with an aesthetic bone to pick.


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