Libertines reunite for a London show

The Libertines have reunited, and for the most Pete Doherty-ish reason possible.

The acclaimed but troubled English rock band will perform in London's Hyde Park on July 5. The group had previously reunited for a festival run in 2010 but had not released a new album in over a decade.

Before the formal announcement, frontman Doherty told the Israeli paper Ynet (via Pitchfork) that the group had accepted an offer to play the show. Spiritualized and the Pogues will open.

Why now? According to Doherty, who has been in and out of rehab, jail and the news for drug addiction and various crimes, it's an apropos mix of nostalgia and financial troubles brought on by the surprise news of a young daughter. 

"Not long ago I listened to the Libertines songs on YouTube and had a burst of nostalgia so I said what the heck, and then they told me how much they will pay us and I cannot lie to you I couldn’t say no," Doherty told Ynet. "I was recently called to family law court after a young girl I knew had told me I was the father of her baby. I have a year and a half old girl and I need to pay a lot of alimony, I’m in debt."


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