Chris Brown dressed as Taliban for Halloween

Did Chris Brown Google “people with similar popularity ratings to Chris Brown” for Halloween costume ideas last night? That’s the only explanation for why America’s most unsavory R&B singer decided to dress up as a Taliban fighter for Rihanna’s Halloween party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

Brown, most recently under fire for getting a tattoo that eerily resembled the bloodied face of onetime girlfriend Rihanna, donned a full headscarf, robe, fake beard and bullet chain with a crew of similarly attired peers for the party.

To announce one charming group photo of his posse holding fake guns aloft in the parking lot, he tweeted, “Ain’t nobody [messing] wit my clique!!!!”

It’s hard to muster much fresh outrage at new stories of Chris Brown doing something to imply violence and jaw-dropping misogyny. But he sure is making a spirited go at it.



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