Emily Kinney a lively singer-songwriter outside of ‘Walking Dead’


If there’s a singing voice you want to hear before you succumb to zombie plague, Emily Kinney’s would probably do just fine.

The “Walking Dead” actress has been a fan-favorite addition to the cast of the AMC hit show since 2011, playing the doe-eyed yet often brutal Beth Greene. Show regulars know she can sing -- she’s covered Waxahatchee’s “Be Good” in the series, as well as Tom Waits’ “Hold On.”

But right after the show’s Sunday night Season 5 premiere, she’s taking her vocal talents out of post-apocalyptic Atlanta and into Silver Lake on Tuesday. Kinney headlines the Satellite in a solo show that will showcase tunes off her e.p. “Expired Love,” which she just re-released to include her cover of “Be Good.”


Kinney is a semi-regular around New York’s folk and piano bar scene, but she has a sense of humor about the split between her day job stabbing pustulant zombies in the head and her winsome pop-folk sound.

She just premiered her new video for the cover, which finds her pulling off some charming choreography with friends on a rooftop at magic hour -- a markedly different setting from the last time her fans heard her sing this tune on-screen.

“I wanted it to be more of a little window into me and my personality and how I view the song, which was, ‘Oh we’re all cool today,’ ” she told Spin. “There are different things that go on between your friends and relationships, but we’re all here, working and making music, and it’s all good.”

That’s probably the first time she’s been able to say that in the context of her acting work -- at least until the last zombie gets slayed.

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