Listen to Justin Bieber’s new song ‘All Bad’

Justin Bieber's new song is "All Bad."
(Island Records)

“I promise,” Justin Bieber wrote on his website late Sunday, “I ain’t all bad.”

The teen-pop superstar was quoting himself from his new song, “All Bad,” the latest installment in his so-called Music Mondays series, in which he’s releasing a new song every week through early next month.

But Bieber was referring too, of course, to his recent tabloid troubles, including reports that he’d illegally spray-painted a wall in Brazil and been kicked out of a hotel in Argentina. (He’s working his way through South America on tour in support of last year’s “Believe” album.)

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And then there was the YouTube video, an instant viral sensation, that depicts a Brazilian woman blowing a kiss to a sleeping Bieber.

Like the rest of his Music Mondays material, “All Bad” moves away from the up-tempo exuberance of “Believe” toward a moodier sound; this track, in fact, could be Bieber’s crack at approximating the Weeknd’s bleary post-R&B.

Listen to “All Bad” below.


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