Recommended For You: Tanlines’ new Netflix parody site

Tanlines has a mock-Netflix site for its new album "Highlights."
(Tanlines )

The electro-pop duo Tanlines has been a consistent pleasure on the Internet in recent years, not to mention at fests like Coachella and FYF. But they’ve bested themselves in promoting their new album “Highlights” -- with a new platform created to train us, Pavlovian style, to sit up all night watching them perform.

The band has built an entire Netflix parody site made up almost entirely of their own songs and videos. The graphic design is loving and impeccable, from the font choices to the “New Album” labeling to the visual riffs on action and rom-com movie covers.

But it really gets amusing when you dig deeper into the archives, and the site starts suggesting Tanlines-appropriate movie playlists. There are subtle reminders that it’s the band’s sophomore LP (“Great Second Acts,” featuring “Frasier” and “Pulp Fiction”) as well as where they recorded it (“Made in Pitttsburgh,” with “Night of the Living Dead” and “Groundhog Day”).

A few of them are in keeping with the band’s self-aware and droll Twitter persona, with jokes about their sound: “Movies and TV Shows You Might Not Have Realized Are About Jews” (with “An American Tail” and “The Passion of the Christ”), “Tropical Depression” (with “All Is Lost” and “Cast Away”) and “American Actors Doing British Accents.” The list also links to Tanlines member Jesse Cohen’s podcast “No Effects,” in which he interviews dozens of contemporary indie musicians.


It’s always refreshing to see bands with such a sense of humor about themselves, but it’s also another coup for True Panther Sounds’ marketing department (they last brought you that giant Tobias Jesso Jr. billboard in Echo Park). Note to Tidal: this is how you use a streaming service format to make people want to buy your album.

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