Listen to Selena Gomez ride a woozy hip-hop beat in ‘Good for You’

“I ain’t trying to mess your image up,” ASAP Rocky raps in his guest spot in the new single by Selena Gomez.

Oh, come on, now: That’s exactly what Rocky’s doing in “Good for You,” Gomez’s latest attempt to shed her wholesome Disney Channel past.

A breathy promise to “wear that dress you like, skin-tight,” “Good for You” is the first single from Gomez’s upcoming album, which will follow 2013’s EDM-inflected “Stars Dance” and “I Want You to Know,” her thumping collaboration with the arena-rave star Zedd.

Rather than jack the tempo, though, Gomez here slows the beat to a woozy crawl that owes something to the pitched-down sound of recent Southern hip-hop. That’s a style Gomez’s old Mouse House pal Miley Cyrus previously borrowed for “We Can’t Stop,” and no one needs reminding of how well that worked to rebrand the former Hannah Montana.


Bring on the wrecking ball.

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