Sky Ferreira streams eclectic ‘Ghost’ EP

Close followers of B-list electro-pop ladies -- surely we’re not the only ones? -- have been waiting since 2010 for Sky Ferreira to break. That’s the year this former Angeleno released “One,” a delightfully slinky single produced by the brilliant Swedish duo Bloodshy & Avant. (Hear it below.)

Alas, Ferreira’s moment seemed to end before it began. Despite a boatload of fawning style-mag coverage and endorsement deals with Adidas and Calvin Klein, the singer’s debut album -- originally scheduled for release on the numerically propitious date of Jan. 11, 2011 -- entered some kind of record-label purgatory from which it still hasn’t escaped.

Don’t count Ferreira out quite yet, though. Now based in New York (according to her Twitter bio, anyway), she’s got a new EP, “Ghost,” due for release Tuesday through Capitol Records. And in a sign that Ferreira has taken her promotion into her own hands, you can stream it now in full at her Tumblr.

That was probably a wise move, as the five-song set is easier to listen to than to classify. Though it offers a couple of dance-oriented numbers, “Ghost” also contains some introspective singer-songwriter stuff, including the Jon Brion-produced title track and another tune Ferreira penned with occasional Dawes dude Blake Mills. There’s also a fuzzy goth-grunge ditty called “Red Lips” that sounds like an outtake from Garbage’s recent “Not Your Kind of People.” (Given that Shirley Manson co-wrote it, that might well be the case.)


Ferreira is scheduled to play a string of shows at this week’s buzz-building CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Perhaps the A-list beckons.


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