Watch: Beck hypes ‘Morning Phase’ with vinyl-fetish promo video

Beck on Friday released a promotional video in advance of the release next month of his album "Morning Phase."
(Peter Hapak)

Do you like Beck? Do you like vinyl records? Do you like the idea of watching a guy press Beck’s latest music onto a vinyl record?

If so, Beck has got the video for you.

The L.A.-based singer and songwriter on Friday posted a clip on his website depicting just the above activity. There’s an avuncular-looking dude, there’s some old-fashioned equipment -- and there’s a pristine slab of vinyl that the dude appears to transform into a copy of “Morning Phase.”

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That’s the Beck album set for release on Feb. 25 through Capitol Records, his first studio disc since “Modern Guilt” in 2008. With instrumental support by players including Smokey Hormel, Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Joey Waronker, “Morning Phase” is said to be something of a return to “Sea Change,” Beck’s 2002 collection of sad-sack folk songs.

Judging by the soundtrack of the new promotional clip -- a song Pitchfork says is called “Blue Moon” -- that pre-release buzz seems about right: “Oh, don’t leave me on my own,” Beck sings over a downcast electro-acoustic groove, “Left me standing all alone.”

Watch Beck’s video below.



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