Watch Dolly Parton rap for Queen Latifah

Dolly Parton, proprieter of Dollywood, had a surprise for Queen Latifah.
(Amy Smotherman Burgess / Associated Press)

Here are three words we thought we’d never hear at Pop & Hiss: “Dolly Parton raps.”

But there are things that we come across -- or in this case pops up in our inbox -- so outlandish, and amazing, they can’t be ignored.

Parton has parodied herself for our entertainment and it’s only right we share it with the world.

The country legend hasn’t abandoned her throne at Dollywood to try a hand at a new career. But the Grammy-winning legend made a surprise visit to “The Queen Latifah Show” to perform a freestyle she wrote in honor in Latifah, her costar in the 2012 movie “Joyful Noise.”


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Clad in her own version of hip-hop couture -- a blond wig, chic gold chains, chunky earrings and a sleek black dress and leggings combo -- Parton delivered a spry 16 bars and looked hot in the process (too far, or no?).

In her verse she pokes gentle fun at Latifah, Honey Boo Boo, crowns herself “the white trash princess” and offers plenty of one-liners about her famous bosom, including this killer: “Whoo, look at them go … I’m working, I’m twerking / Hey Miley, I have your wrecking balls right here.”

Parton’s appearance airs on Monday, but her debut as Princess D (we made that up) can be watched below:

See what you’ve done to America, Miley.