Joshua Jackson, ‘Shutter’
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‘Dawson’s Creek': Where are they now?

Joshua Jackson, ‘Shutter’
By Stephanie Lysaght and Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Joshua Jackson

You knew him as: Good-natured class clown Pacey Witter.

Now you know him as: Despite having made a bunch of movies since his days on “Dawson’s,” starred alongside Patrick Stewart in a successful play in London’s West End, and gotten in a fight with a security guard while drunk, Jackson is still best known as the good-natured class clown Pacey Witter.

Where you’ll see him next: Jackson stars in the horror film “Shutter” opening this weekend. He’s also rumored to be playing Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher (the newspaper detective character that Chevy Chase made popular) in a new installment of the franchise — “Fletch Won” — slated to come out in 2009. (Bill Kaye / 20th Century Fox)
Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes

You knew her as: Lanky tomboy Joey Potter.

Now you know her as: Mrs. Tom Cruise, the girl with the golden haircut, mother of Suri and a recently announced new Armani line. She occasionally still acts, but that seems marginal.

Where you’ll see her next: Some (but not too many) just saw her in “Mad Money” with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. She’s currently in pre-production for a movie called “The Other Side” with Woody Harrelson and Jason Lee. (
Kerr Smith, ‘Justice’
Kerr Smith

You knew him as: Jack McPhee, gay BFF to Jen

Now you know him as: A guy who shows up in a bunch of television shows. He’s played Agent Kyle Brody on “Charmed,” was one of the stars of the 2006 Fox legal drama “Justice,” and was featured prominently on “CSI: NY” in 2007.

Where you’ll see him next: Uncertain ... but we bet he has something in the works. This guy’s been working consistently since he was 17. (Richard Cartwright / Fox)
Meredith Monroe
Meredith Monroe

You knew her as: Jack’s mentally unstable sister, Andie McPhee.

Now you know her as: That girl you recognize from somewhere when she pops up on “House” or “CSI: Miami.”

Where you’ll see her next: If you didn’t catch her recent appearance on vampire crime drama “Moonlight,” you can catch her in this summer’s “bgFATLdy,” a thriller about a mysterious murder at a small-town diner. (
Michelle Williams, ‘Brokeback Mountain’
Michelle Williams

You knew her as: Jen Lindley, the bad girl with a heart of gold.

Now you know her as: Oscar-nominated actress for her role in “Brokeback Mountain,” bereaved ex of Heath Ledger.

Where you’ll see her next: Starring in a host of movies with high-profile costars. In 2008, she has four films scheduled for release including “Incendiary” with Ewan McGregor; “Deception” with Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman; the Charlie Kaufman film “Synecdoche, New York” with Philip Seymour Hoffman; and “Mammoth” with Gael Garcia Bernal. (Kimberly French / Focus Features)
Busy Philipps
Busy Philipps

You knew her as: Audrey Liddell, Joey’s vivacious and flighty college roomie.

Now you know her as: the girl that made out with Turtle on “Entourage,” but broke things off when their dogs got in a fight.

Where you’ll see her next: “Made of Honor,” yet another Patrick Dempsey rom-com due out this May. (
James Van Der Beek, ‘Ugly Betty’
James Van Der Beek

You knew him as: Dawson Leery, the Steven Spielberg-obsessed/Joey Potter-soul-mate protagonist of “Dawson’s Creek.”

Now you know him as: Dawson Leery, the Steven Spielberg-obsessed/Joey Potter-soul-mate protagonist of “Dawson’s Creek.”

Where you’ll see him next: Van Der Beek occasionally shows up in guest spots on television shows — he recently played an obnoxious advertiser on “Ugly Betty.” This year, he has a small part in the film “Boy in the Box” with Josh Lucas. (ABC)
Oliver Hudson
Oliver Hudson

You knew him as: Eddie Doling, the blue-collar smartie writer whom Joey dated in college.

Now you know him as: Kate Hudson’s older brother! And as one of the main characters on that David Spade show, “Rules of Engagement.”

Where you’ll see him next: In that Jonah Hill comedy, “Strange Wilderness,” that you skipped in the theater but will probably rent sometime when “Superbad” is out of stock. (
Michael Pitt, ‘Funny Games’
Michael Pitt

You knew him as: Henry Parker, the younger student who had his eyes on Jen Lindley.

Now you know him as: That creepy psychopath in the movie “Funny Games” with Naomi Watts.

Where you’ll see him next: In Oliver Stone’s “Pinkville,” alongside Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson. Not too shabby. (Nicole Rivelli / Warner Independent Pictures)
Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray

You knew him as: Charlie Todd, the lead singer of a band who chased Joey Potter for a few episodes.

Now you know him as: The cute blond from “One Tree Hill” who was married to Sophia Bush for five minutes.

Where you’ll see him next: In the pages of US Weekly, when he sells pictures of his wedding to fiancée No. 2, Kenzie Dalton. (Fred Norris / The CW)