‘Big Lebowski 2' in the works?


Could Tara Reid have provided us with the best “cat out of the bag” moment so far this year? recently asked Tara Reid, who played the toenail-polished Bunny in the oft-quoted “The Big Lebowski,” what projects she’s got coming up and, yes, she said it: “Big Lebowski 2.”

“The whole cast should be coming back for that,” she said.

Is it true? Well, there have been rumblings from “Lebowski” cast members in the past, but nothing definitive.


The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, teamed up with “Lebowski” directors, the Coen Brothers, for “True Grit.” He told MTV News back in July that “there were no plans, man” to reunite for “Lebowski 2,” but said, “If it happens, what a wonderful surprise.”