Check out and enjoy the ride: ‘The Beach Bum’ riffs on classic stoner films

Director Harmony Korine returns with his newest movie, “The Beach Bum.”
(Michael Nagle / For The Times)

Six years after “Spring Breakers,” Harmony Korine is back with a new film, “The Beach Bum,” out now in theaters. The wildly creative filmmaker and fine artist is a teller of modern-day tall tales, something of a cross between a burnout Mark Twain and an Andy Warhol of the Florida Keys. Korine talks with L.A. Times film writer Mark Olsen (@IndieFocus) about how he’s skirting autobiography in his work, the casting choices he made for “The Beach Bum” — like Matthew McConaughey, Martin Lawrence, Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Buffett — and how he feels about being a perennial Hollywood outsider.

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Matthew McConaughey in a scene from "The Beach Bum."
(Atsushi Nishijima / Neon / Vice)

But first, The Times’ Yvonne Villarreal (@villarrealy) spoke with the showrunners of the recently canceled Netflix show, “One Day at a Time.”

Emotions — and opinions — were strong. Is diversity and inclusiveness really happening in Hollywood? Does the cancellation signal that the American Latinx experience is close to being erased from the airwaves?

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What happens when a show is more than just a show?


The family gathers around the television in 'One Day at a Time's' 9/11-themed episode
The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 feature in “One Day at a Time’s” Season 2 episode “What Happened.”
(Mike Yarish/Netflix)