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Get to know your ‘Lost’ castaways

Who else landed on the island with Locke? And what mysteries do they find themselves entangled in?

Jack (Matthew Fox): He’s the self-indulgent doctor with the hero complex. What will he do to Locke for blowing up the submarine? Can he forgive Kate’s violation of his commandment: “Thou shalt not come back for me?” (Mario Perez / ABC)
Sawyer (Josh Holloway): He’s the hot-head supply-hoarder. Can he really go a week without calling anyone names? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Kate (Evangeline Lilly): She’s the fugitive who can shoot, climb and make out. Come on already! Is it Jack or Sawyer? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Sayid (Naveen Andrews): He is the Iraqi soldier who tortures as well as he romances. Should the viewers trust in his distrust of Locke? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Hurley (Jorge Garcia): He’s Everybody’s Friend. But is he cursed? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Charlie (Dominic Monaghan): He beat his heroin addiction but can he beat the Grim Reaper? Is he going to be the next castaway to die on the island? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Claire (Emilie de Ravin): She’s the sweet but troubled single mom. What did The Others take from her womb? And is her baby more than a baby? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Jin (Daniel Dae Kim): He was unhappily married before the crash. Now his wife, Jin, is pregnant, even though he is sterile. Did the island cure his infertility, or is somebody else the baby-daddy? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Sun (Yunjin Kim): She had an affair before she left Korea. Is it possible that her ex-lover fathered her child? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Michael (Harold Perrineau): The estranged father and son were given a pass by The Others last season and sent home on a boat. Does anyone really believe they are on the couch watching cartoons? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Walt (Malcolm David Kelley): He’s a nice kid, but strange things happen when he’s around. Why were the Others so interested in him? And why did he appear to Shannon? (Mario Perez / ABC)
Boone (Ian Somerhalder): He was annoying and died. But does that mean he’ll never be subjected to a sort-of incestuous relationship again? Uh, no. (Mario Perez / ABC)
Step-sister Shannon (Maggie Grace): She grew up a bit after her step-brother died, but that didn’t save her from getting a bullet in the gut midway through season two. Will we ever learn why Walt appeared to her and no one else? (Mario Perez / ABC)