‘Star Trek’
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Science fiction TV by the numbers

‘Star Trek’
Created: 1966

Number of TV series: 6

Total hours of Trek TV 545.23 (minus commercials)

Number of movies: 11

Number of USS Enterprises:(Paramount)
‘Doctor Who’
Created: 1963

Number of TV seasons: 31

Total number of episodes 757

Number of spinoffs: 3

Number of actors who have played Dr. Who on TV: 23 (Adrian Rogers / BBC)
‘The X-Files’
Created: 1993

Number of spin-offs: 1

Total number of episodes (with spinoff): 215

Number of stars in the opening credits: 2

Date of the coming alien invasion: 12-22-12 (20th Century Fox)
‘Babylon 5'
Created: 1993

Number of TV movies: 7

Number of spinoffs: 1

Total number of episodes (with spinoff): 123

Years covered in the series: 2257–2262

The Babylon station that vanished 24 hours after it became operational:(Warner Bros.)
‘Twilight Zone’
Created: 1959

Number of movies: 1

Number of spinoffs: 3, with 1 upcoming

Total number of episodes : 156 (original), 44 (2002-2003 revival)

Emmy Award-winning hosts: 2 (Rod Serling, and Forest Whitaker for exec. producing 2002 TV movie “Door-to-door”) (Museum of Television & Radio)
‘Battlestar Galactica’
Created: 1978

Number of shows/spinoffs: 4

Number of TV movies: 4, including two hour ‘reimagined’ pilot

Webisode spinoffs: 3

Comic books: Seven different publishers have created comic books based on the franchise (Carole Segal / Syfy)
Created: 1994, with “Stargate” the movie, which earned $196 million worldwide.

Number of shows: 4 (Three live-action TV series and an unclaimed animated series)

Number of TV movies: 2, with 2 awaiting a greenlight

Diversity: According to Gateworld.net, the franchise has mentioned or visited at least 280 planets and 157 races (Art Streiber / Syfy)
Created: 1999

Number of seasons planned: 5

Number of seasons produced: 4

Hours of miniseries devoted to wrapping up story lines in lieu of fifth season: 4

Number of spinoffs: 0

Number of years the creators have been working on making webisodes:(Brian McKenzie / Sci Fi Channel)