Laura Benanti returns as Melania Trump on ‘The Late Show’ to unintentionally endorse Hillary Clinton


After sitting down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, where she blamed Billy Bush for her husband Donald Trump’s infamous “locker room talk,” Melania Trump took to late night TV — specifically, to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” — to continue her defense.

According to the Fake Melania, again played by Laura Benanti, former “Access Hollywood” host Bush can not only be blamed for coaxing presidential nominee Trump into making lewd comments, but is even in on the alleged rigging of the election. Colbert’s reply: ”Now I know why they’re on a bus — it’s easier to throw Billy underneath it.”

She also suggests that all men, including “your husband, your brother, the pope [and] Luke Skywalker,” are guilty of such crude speech and are unfit to lead. Her solution? “Only a woman could be president.”



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