TV personalities tweet about Hurricane Sandy

TV personalities tweet about Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy was about to make landfall on Monday evening in New Jersey, TV personalities of all types on both coasts took to their Twitter accounts to share their thoughts on the storm.

Some shared their fears, others shared news and still others, keeping true to the classic celebrity stereotype, lamented the fact that Bloomingdales in New York was closed.

CNN’s Piers Morgan, monitoring coverage on his own station, tweeted, “People going jogging by the water in NY, live on CNN now. One word - IDIOTS.”

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy approaches


Comedian Jim Gaffigan wrote, "#Sandy proves there’s nothing more American than buying tons of food when it’s raining.”

“Tonight Show” correspondent and frequent “Chelsea Lately” panelist Ross Matthews wrote, “Nuts. That HMS Bounty ship that sank in #Sandy is the same ship I once sailed from Tampa to the Keys for a Leno segment years ago. Scary.”

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg shared her own observations, “So trees kissing ground the wind is insane&we; have a crane on 57th street that is dangling over the street. BigBig wind & sandy not here yet.”

Both “Late Night” and “Late Show” decided to tape episodes without a live audience on Monday, with Jimmy Fallon announcing via Twitter, “We sent our audience home just to be safe. But we are doing our show tonight anyway. Should be fun. #LateNight.”


“Smash” star Debra Messing tweeted a picture of a roaring fire in the fireplace and wrote, “And red wine... All I need are s’mores and a book and I’m set for #sandy.”

Glenn Beck, the onetime Fox News host who now has his own Internet TV station, wrote, “Tonight, our hearts and prayers are with those facing #Sandy. We’ll also keep our focus on Benghazi. We must remember & fight for the truth.”

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy approaches

“Castle” star Nathan Fillion wrote, “Somebody give me a heads up when it’s cool to joke about #HurricaneSandy? I got a good one about East Coasters needing a shower.”

Former “Scrubs” star Zach Braff apparently has had enough of the coverage, tweeting, “I try to listen to weather reporters standing in the storm for no reason, but my brain keeps calling them idiots.”

And finally, Joan Collins, star of the long-running ‘80s soap “Dynasty” couldn’t help but add a little old fashion celebrity obliviousness with her tweet, “True disaster is that Bloomingdales is closed today. Where’s a girl to shop during a hurricane? #Sandy.”


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