Dorothy Lucey: Fired because her voice made boss’ ‘eyes bleed’?

Dorothy Lucey said her voice may have done her in.

Lucey, who exited Fox 11’s morning news show “Good Day L.A.” last May in a bittersweet ouster after 17 years, is speaking out about her departure, saying it was marked by “blood.”

“It did involve blood,” Lucey, whose contract was not renewed, wrote on her blog, “God and Gossip.”

Lucey, who has a touch of raspiness in her voice, wrote that her new boss on the show told her that she “made his eyes bleed. Not the crusty yucky pink eye. New guy was saying when I spoke I made his eyes bleed. I have read that can happen after you vomit. Now I could almost see my husband saying something like that to me.... But from a new boss....”

She added that people have told her they miss her interaction with fellow anchors Steve Edwards and Jillian (Barbarie) Reynolds: “Someone said (and you can decide who is who), ‘They had the good girl, the bad girl and Switzerland...’”

Lucey’s leaving sparked a bit of commotion to Reynolds’ almost-teary apology for unflattering comments she had made on “The Howard Stern Show,” saying she disliked Lucey and that Lucey was “very Christian and Bible-thumpy.”


In the blog, Lucey said she sulked for a while after losing her job but that she was working on “a few new projects.”

Meanwhile, the executives overseeing “Good Day L.A.” don’t seem to be having second thoughts about Lucey. “The revitalization of ‘Good Day L.A.’ has been refreshing,” said a statement from Fox 11 representatives.

They added that several personalities, including Lauren Sanchez (“Extra”) and Julie Chang, entertainment reporter for Fox’s “Good Day New York,” had been trying out for “Good Day L.A.” in the last few months, and that a new co-host for the show will likely be named this fall.


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