Harrison Ford confronts Chewbacca on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Harrison Ford has made it pretty clear during his current press rounds for the movie “42” that he’s not interested in discussing the upcoming “Star Wars” movies. But that hasn’t stopped interviewer after interviewer from bringing it up. That all came to a head on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night, when Ford confronted both “Star Wars” curiosity and a decidedly unsavory figure from his past: Chewbacca.

In case you’re wondering, yes this was a stunt. But an entertaining one.

Kimmel brought up the upcoming “Star Wars” movies and Ford once again expressed his unwillingness to talk about them. So instead, Kimmel opened up the audience to questions.

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Cue the fanboys dressed in “Star Wars” garb suddenly robbed of their No. 1 topic of interest. Instead they lamely asked Ford about his love of making movies and his level of hunger.

But then Chewbacca appeared, and everything changed.

Ford channeled some barely controlled fury at his onetime co-star, calling him names that are unprintable here and accusing him of improper relations with Ford’s wife.

This isn’t the first time Ford and Chewbacca have crossed paths on Kimmel’s show, and it appears that long-simmering anger won’t abate anytime soon. (On Kimmel’s show, anyway.)

As to whether Chewie and Han Solo will remain close in the upcoming movies... that’s a question for someone other than Harrison Ford.


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