Justin Bieber pokes fun at himself on ‘Saturday Night Live’

As demonstrated by the high-pitched screams heard practically every time Justin Bieber’s face appeared on camera during last night’s “SNL,” his fans in the audience pre-approved of anything the singer did. However, for the haters and the old-timers, Bieber was willing to tweak his “swaggy” teen heartthrob image, referencing nearly every criticism of him or joke made at his expense.

In one sketch, the “SNL” writers made many teenage fantasies come true as the audience met a dozen or so Bieber “decoys” (i.e., cast members in tight-yet-baggy pants, pompadours and blingy necklaces). “Some of them are black; they’re not fooling anybody,” pointed out Bieber. “Neither are you, homie,” replied Jason Sudeikis. When the decoys showed off their Bieberesque dance skills, Bieber protested, “Those moves look stupid.” “So you’re admitting it,” said Sudeikis. Bieber finally picked out his ideal decoy, only to end up selecting Ellen DeGeneres (Kate McKinnon), a nod to the “lesbians who look like Justin Bieber” on Tumblr.

The Miley Cyrus Show” sketch returned with Vanessa Bayer explaining “my new show where I’m sexy and adult now.” Bieber played Cyrus’ No. 1 fan, who compared her favorably to Bieber, and called out his pot scandal, saying “I heard he’s really sorry and that we all make mistakes and that he’ll never gonna do it again.” “Yeah right, me too!” said Bayer-as-Miley. Interestingly, Bieber seemed the loosest and silliest in this sketch, as he got to play a goofy fan instead of a version of himself.

Bieber also let down his cool for a parody of the “Tell Me More” scene in “Grease,” where Cecily Strong sang to her girlfriends gleefully about her date with Bieber’s character, only to reveal to increasingly concerned pals that her new crush doesn’t know how doors work, is afraid of witches and happens to be eleven years old. Bieber himself was a relative straight man in the sketch, but it was still enjoyable to envision him crying after looking down a girl’s shirt only to realize that her “sweater puppies” aren’t actual puppies.

Quentin Tarantino darling Christoph Waltz hosts next week with musical guest Alabama Shakes. Also, NBC will air a special “SNL” installment, “Saturday Night Live In The ‘80s: Lost And Found,” Sunday night at 9 p.m. PST.


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