'SNL' spoofs YouTube viral video 'The Fox' by Ylvis

With more than 190 million views in two months, the YouTube viral sensation "The Fox" by Norwegian comedy weirdos Ylvis hardly needed help getting seen. It got that help anyway, thanks to an 'SNL' spoof of the song starring "Scandal" star Kerry Washington and Jay Pharaoh.

Titled "My Girl," the song finds Pharaoh confronting a righteously jealous Washington as she demands to know about all the "hos" in his phone.

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The nonsensical and hilarious Ylvis refrain "What does the fox say?" is replaced by Pharaoh's frustrated question "What does my girl say?"

The answer: "Who that, who that, who that bitch?" and "Got you, got you, got you, pow!"

And then later the breakdown, sung by Washington, announcing, "He thinks he's so smart, he tried to lock his phone. But he forgot about the Cloud — and his cloud is full of butts."

By Monday afternoon the clip had already been watched nearly 600,000 times on YouTube. It may never rival the Ylvis original, but it certainly legitimizes that crazy piece of pop culture in the mainstream's eyes.


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