CW announces season finale dates -- but is ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ coming back?

Rachel Bloom stars in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Rachel Bloom stars in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

(Eddy Chen / The CW)

The CW has announced its season finale dates -- and in the case of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” the suspense is on to see if the quirky musical comedy will ever come back.

The network revealed Wednesday that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will wrap up its freshman season on April 18.

The show has had a crazy first season. Rachel Bloom, the YouTube singing sensation who plays an off-kilter young woman who moves from New York to West Covina on a romantic whim, gave the show an instant boost when she won a Golden Globe in January for her performance. Critics have rhapsodized about the elaborate musical numbers and Bloom’s comedic gifts. Times television critic Mary McNamara praised the show’s “whimsical daffiness.”

Not so laudable? The ratings. To put it blunty, hardly anyone is watching. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” premiered in October with just 900,000 total viewers and has topped 1 million with just two out of 14 episodes so far.


Even when you throw in delayed viewing over a whole week, “Girlfriend” only gets to an average of 1.1 million. By comparison, “The Flash,” one of the CW’s comic-book-based hits, premiered in 2014 with nearly 5 million total viewers.

As they say in show business: Satire -- it’s what closes on Saturday nights.

That means fans of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” praying for a Season 2 will probably have to sweat it out until May 19, when the CW presents its fall schedule to advertisers in New York. Unless, of course, executives renew it earlier. But with a borderline show like this, that’s unlikely to happen.

Meanwhile, here are those other CW season finale dates: “iZombie” (April 12), “The Vampire Diaries” (May 13), “Jane the Virgin” (May 16), “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (May 19), “The 100" (May 19), “The Originals” (May 20), “The Flash” (May 24), “Arrow” (May 25) and “Supernatural” (May 25).


What do you think of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? Think it will be back?

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