Bill Cosby Vegas show latest to be canceled as rape allegations swirl


Bill Cosby will not appear in a planned show at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, marking another cancellation in a series that have tarnished the entertainer’s legacy since the resurfacing of decades-old accusations of sexual assault.

A spokeswoman for the hotel confirmed via email that the show was canceled “by mutual agreement.”

The called-off performance, originally scheduled for Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving, follows a number of similar moves by TV networks that acted this week to distance themselves from the once-beloved television star whose sitcom “The Cosby Show” dominated the medium in the 1980s.


Representatives for Treasure Island had said earlier that the show would move forward despite the controversy.

A coalition of civil rights and women’s groups had urged the Las Vegas resort to postpone Cosby’s appearance pending an investigation of his alleged victims’ claims.

On Wednesday, NBC, which aired the ‘80s Cosby sitcom, scrapped plans for the comedian’s possible return to its network, while the cable network TV Land pulled reruns of the show from its lineup later the same day. On Tuesday, Netflix postponed the airing of a stand-up special, “Bill Cosby 77,” which was taped on the performer’s 77th birthday.

Comedy Central also announced this week that it was pulling its planned encore of Cosby’s stand-up special “Far From Finished,” which premiered last year.

Cosby is still scheduled to appear Friday night at a sold-out show at Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne, Fla. Representatives of the King Center said Thursday that the show at the 2,016-seat venue, part of Cosby’s “Far From Finished” tour, was still on.

The uproar over Cosby has been building for weeks over social media and was set off earlier this week when other alleged victims of the comedian told their stories, some decades old, to media outlets.


But it was an “Entertainment Tonight” interview with former model Janice Dickinson on Tuesday that seemed to be the tipping point for the latest cancellations. In the interview, Dickinson alleged that Cosby raped her -- a charge, as with all others against the comedian, that has been vigorously denied by his attorneys. Since then, additional women have made allegations.

Times staff writer Christine Mai-Duc contributed to this report.