‘Broad City’ says ‘yas, yas, yas’ to Hillary Clinton


While some young Democrats may be feeling the Bern this election year, at least two well-known millenials are saying “yas, queen” to Hillary Clinton.

On Wednesday night, the Democratic front-runner paid a visit to “Broad City,” the Comedy Central series starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as pot-smoking twentysomething best friends in New York. Though she refrained from any illegal activities, Clinton certainly made an impression.

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The episode followed Ilana Wexler (Glazer), recently fired from her job at a Internet start-up after a disastrous social media mishap, as she found a new sense of purpose making phone calls for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

A formidable campaign staffer (played by Cynthia Nixon) clearly laid out the answers to the questions most frequently asked by voters: “No, Hillary does not cry at the office. Yes, Hillary can read a map. No, Hillary will not enforce male birth control or male pregnancy as that is not a thing. And no, Hillary is not a witch.”

Everything seemed to be going well until Ilana learned the “job” was actually a volunteer position. As she bid a bittersweet farewell to the campaign office, she was joined by best friend Abbi. When Clinton suddenly appeared, a major freak-out and much squealing ensued.

Rendered incoherent, Abbi was only able to muster a nonsensical “Hello. Proud Demo. Crat. College. Aquarius. I pegged” as she shook Clinton’s hand.

Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer talk about how the #BroadCity hashtag translates to mean friendship on Instagram.


Ilana fared slightly better, promising the former Secretary of State that she’d tweet once a week: “Vote for Hillary: yas, yas, yas!’”

And with that, Clinton offered her own suggestion for drumming up excitement: an inflatable air dancer just like the one Ilana had installed at her former workplace. “I thought this would be really good for office morale,” Clinton said. “Isn’t she great?”

“Of course, we assumed it was a he,” said Ilana.

“Oh no, it’s a she,” Clinton replied.

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