Does David Letterman believe in spirits? Seems like it

David Letterman has been on the air for decades, but it seems like even as his days on a nightly talk show are coming to an end, there are still things to learn about him. For instance, did you know he believes in spirits?

During a discussion with Emma Stone, who plays a spiritualist in Woody Allen’s latest film, “Magic In the Moonlight,” Letterman revealed that he believes a woman who was once a friend of the show before she died still contacts him from time to time.

“It’s very subtle, but the corridor of interest is so narrow that it could only be her,” Letterman told Stone, without revealing the identity of who he was talking about.

“She doesn’t say anything to me,” Letterman elaborated. “Things come to my head.”

Earlier in the discussion, Stone had discussed how she believed her dead grandfather was responsible for sending her quarters, without revealing the connection between her grandfather and quarters. But when it came to Letterman’s own metaphysical experiences, Stone seemed to struggle to grasp what Letterman was saying.


“If you go much farther in this, unless you’re full-blown nuts, it will become a mockery,” Letterman said.

“I’m full-blown nuts, Dave,” Stone responded.

Letterman also explained to Stone that a light in the Ed Sullivan Theatre popped, which his crew took as a sign that Letterman’s unnamed friend was making her presence known.

Who knew the late-night host had supernatural sympathies?

Watch the video to hear Letterman’s “beautiful” example of metaphysical experiences that can happen to anyone.

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