Don’t spoil ‘House of Cards’ for Barack Obama, please

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright star in "House of Cards."
<i>This post has been corrected. See note below for details.</i>

The second season of Netflix’s political thriller “House of Cards” got released at midnight PST, and while many wasted no time tearing into the twisty Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright series, there’s one fan who’s going to need a little time to catch up. And God help you if you discuss spoilers.

President Barack Obama, who seems to be quite the TV junkie, tweeted a word of warning to his followers on Thursday: “Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please.”

A previous report revealed that Obama desired to watch DVDs of the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective” during his weekend trip to California.

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According to the Associated Press, “House of Cards” cast member Kate Mara called the Obama shout-out “one of the coolest things that’s happened to me,” when told about the tweet at an event for the show on Thursday night.

The series, adapted from the successful British series, chronicles the political maneuverings of the Machiavellian House majority whip, Frank Underwood (Spacey). It’s about as far from the blue sky idealism of Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” as possible. And considering the battles Obama has had with Congress during his two terms, the series is probably more than a little therapeutic for him.

Here’s hoping the president gets a chance to catch up soon. Twitter is not a place that goes easy on spoilers, and he has access to the nuclear launch codes.

[For the Record Feb. 17, 2:58 p.m.: A previous version of this post identified Kevin Spacey’s character as Frank Cross. His character is named Frank Underwood.]


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