Erik Prince tells his own Blackwater story to Jon Stewart

Back in the most heated days of the Iraq war, Erik Prince and his private security firm Blackwater were all over the news with reports of its contracted soldiers creating a touchy political situation alongside the United States' enlisted men on the field of battle. On Tuesday, Prince visited Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" to plug his new book, "Civilian Warriors" and attempt to set forth his own side of what's gone on over the past decade.

Stewart gave Prince the whole, "Can you stick around?" and extended web-exclusive interview treatment, but those expecting a Jim Cramer-style smackdown between Stewart and Prince would be sorely disappointed.


While Stewart started the interview challenging Prince's actions and the actions of his former company, it seems that the "Daily Show" host did not have it in him to completely go after the businessman. In fact, Prince seemed to surprise Stewart when he told him that he had sold Blackwater and was currently involved in a new business venture.

"I started a private equity fund and we invest in energy, mining, agriculture kind of things in Africa," Prince said.

Stewart seemed amazed and a little surprised. He went on to describe Prince's book as a "fascinating counterpoint" and said there being a little "squirrelly truth" lying somewhere inside.

As Prince explained, "I wrote the book also a warning sign for the next entrepreneur that says, 'Yes, I'll answer the call' when the country calls, because the hot air in Washington can quickly turn into a blast furnace. To have it torch your business the way it did ours is most unnerving."

"You feel somewhat betrayed," Stewart said.

"When the IRS agent comes to your accountant and says 'I've never been under so much pressure to get someone as I am to get Erik Prince'..."

"I feel somewhat sad it has come to, for you, that feeling of betrayal," Stewart told Prince in conclusion. A surprisingly sympathetic ending to what started off as a possibly contentious interview.