Fox orders new dramas ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Lucifer’


Fox has announced late additions to its upcoming lineup, ordering the dramas “Minority Report” and “Lucifer.”

“Minority Report” is a spinoff of the 2002 film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is set in the year 2054 about a specialized police department, Pre-crime, that apprehends criminals based on visions by three psychics, or “Pre-cogs.”

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The Fox series is set 10 years after the end of Pre-crime in Washington, D.C, when one of the Pre-cogs struggles to lead a “normal” human life. He remains haunted by visions of the future when he meets a detective who just may help him find a purpose to his gift.

Amblin Television & Paramount Television is producing the series in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television. Kevin Falls (“Journeyman”) will be the showrunner, and Spielberg is listed among the executive producers.

“Lucifer,” based on characters from DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, centers around a bored and unhappy Lord of Hell, who resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the “gorgeous, shimmering insanity” of Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the Los Angeles Police Department punish criminals.

The series stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris and DB Woodside.

Jerry Bruckheimer (“Pirates of the Carribean”) and Tom Kapinos (“Californication”) are among the executive producers of the series.