Quiz: Test your ‘Jersey Shore’ vocabulary


Goodbye, “Jersey Shore” guidos and guidettes.

Here’s the situation: MTV’s highest-rated series is ending after its sixth season airs Oct. 4 and “Jersey Shore” fans will be losing their weekly dose of booze-infused hijinks and the source of countless Twitter hashtags.

(Snooki and Pauly D might still have them covered with their respective spin-off series. Thank the tanning gods!)

Although the collective group’s hard-partying summers of Seaside Heights are coming to an end, the “Jersey Shore” cast lexicon will remain in pop culture for a much longer time. Those wild GTL-ers pretty much popularized, if not invented, their own language.


Where would we be without grenades, frickles and Ron-Ron juice? Or Snooki and her meatball bestie Deena? Have no idea what we’re talking about? That’s OK. It might be better for your mental health that way.

But if you count yourself among the hard-core fist-pumpers and juiceheads, then take this 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the vocabulary they taught their fandom. Then share your score with your pickle-loving friends.


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