John Oliver deploys Michael Bolton to make the IRS feel sexy

Tax Day is Wednesday and if you thought you were having a bad time, John Oliver explained on “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday that the IRS employees have it far worse.

It turns out the agency tasked with collecting the money that allows our government to function has had a rough go over the past few years, losing hundreds of employees, failing to gain younger employees and grappling with hundreds of changes to the tax code in a single year.

It’s not a particularly compelling or sympathetic subject. Heck, even Regis Philbin had an IRS employee booed when he was a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” But it’s a vital subject. As Oliver himself put it, the IRS is the “anus of government.”

You don’t think you need or want it until it stops working properly.


Oliver has made it his mission to take subjects like this and inform the public of them, even thought it may seem dull at first. A few weeks ago, he tackled the U.S.'s crumbling infrastructure and tried to sex it up with a star-studded film trailer.

On Sunday, he did the same for the IRS. And to make their crunch week go just a bit better, he brought on Michael Bolton to sing a variation of “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,” with special new IRS-specific lyrics.

Between this appearance and his song for the Lonely Island, Bolton seems to be the go-to singer for comedians these days. And though his singing may not make Tax Day go any smoother for the IRS employees or the millions of tax-paying Americans, it can at least make everyone feel a little sexier. 

Until they have to write the check, anyway.


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