Jon Stewart bashes back at Fox News with a final ‘adios’

Jon Stewart, shown here on a 2011 show, began his final week on "The Daily Show" with a vigorous counterattack on Fox News.

Jon Stewart, shown here on a 2011 show, began his final week on “The Daily Show” with a vigorous counterattack on Fox News.

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Jon Stewart may be retiring from nightly TV, but he’s still lobbing hand grenades at Fox News.

The host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” who will exit the program on Thursday, took care of some personal business on Monday’s show, with a segment lampooning recent attacks on him by longtime nemesis Fox News.

Stewart showed excerpts of video from Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, assailing Stewart as a tool of the Obama administration. (Politico recently reported that Obama had summoned Stewart to previously unreported private one-on-one meetings in 2011 and 2014 at the White House.)


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“Hey, they’re talking about me!” Stewart exclaimed with mock enthusiasm. “This is so exciting. I’m going to be famous.”

Stewart said that the claim that he’s soft on Obama wasn’t supported by evidence. He then rolled a lengthy montage of Fox News hosts reporting on times when Stewart had grilled or ridiculed various Democratic leaders and policies.

“My hunch is this show’s been harder on the Obama administration and this president, per capita, than in your eight years” of covering the Bush White House, Stewart added.

Stewart concluded the segment by pulling the pin of an imaginary grenade, which he hurled over his shoulder, a la action hero, with the cry “Adios!” — adding a word unprintable in a family media outlet.

You can see the entire segment here.

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