Lady Gaga, Bill Murray continue selfie onslaught on ‘Late Show’

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Suddenly, the selfie is everywhere. It’s been around since forever, but Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar-night selfie has suddenly made it a pop culture “thing” for celebrities to do. Latest evidence: Bill Murray, Lady Gaga and David Letterman on Wednesday night’s “Late Show.”

Murray popped up continually on Letterman’s show Wednesday night as he checked items off his personal bucket list. He asked, and was allowed, to deliver a joke during Letterman’s monologue. And he got Letterman to air a clip from his movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and read nice things off a piece of paper.

But Murray’s ultimate “ask” was to meet Lady Gaga, who happened to be performing that night nearby at the Roseland Ballroom. And, lo and behold, Letterman made it happen. Lady Gaga just “happened” to be backstage and came out in her full Gaga splendor to meet Murray. And then all three posed for a selfie.


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The assembled Oscar hopefuls combined to selfie Twitter into a temporary shutdown; baseball slugger David Ortiz grabbed a selfie with President Obama; and now there’s a Murray-Gaga-Letterman selfie floating around out there. Not causing controversy, not breaking anything, just being cool — as most things associated with Murray usually are.

The selfie in question is viewable here, for those who want to marvel at Murray’s photo-taking skills.

At the end of the show, Letterman and Murray led the audience to the Roseland Ballroom to watch a special performance before Gaga’s regular show. Not exactly a new car, but not a kick in the head, either.


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