Letterman to fired anchor: ‘You ... have nothing to worry about’

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A.J. Clemente, the news anchor who was fired from a North Dakota news station after accidentally uttering some obscenities during his first-ever appearance, continued his apology tour Wednesday on “Late Show With David Letterman.

He found a sympathetic ear with the host, who blamed the snafu on station personnel and technical difficulties.


“People who have been in the business for decades have had this happen to them,” Letterman said. He said later, “This is not all your fault. The technical end failed you. They just failed you.”

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Clemente’s appearance was the latest in several media appearances he’s made in recent days to explain the incident at North Dakota’s NBC affiliate KFYR, which became an instant viral sensation. Letterman repeated the clip, which shows Clemente and co-anchor Van Tier beginning the weekend news, but Clemente begins by saying two obscene words under his breath.

He explained to Letterman that he was trying to nail down the pronunciation of the winners of the London Marathon, and didn’t realize he was on the air.

“I shouldn’t have said the words, but it was a perfect storm of mistakes,” he said.

Letterman was understanding and encouraging, indicating that Clemente’s folly would soon be forgiven: “You, my friend, have nothing to worry about.”

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