Live chat with ‘Red Band Society’ head doc Dave Annable on Monday

“Red Band Society” isn’t the usual medical drama, nor is it the typical coming-of-age tale.

At the heart of the new Fox series, which premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, are a group of kids and teenagers with serious illnesses who find common ground while living in the pediatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital.

Keeping them all safe and in check is the staff of adults, which include Octavia Spencer as strict-but-tender Nurse Jackson and Dave Annable as compassionate Dr. McAndrew (yes, that’s an intentional nod to the Dr. McSteamies and McDreamies that have inhabited the TV world).

“We’re sort of making fun of it a little bit,” executive producer Margaret Nagle has said


Annable will be joining us at the Times’ offices on Monday at 2 p.m. PT to take part in a live video chat to discuss the new series, as well as his role as the head doc, which is in some ways based on an actual Los Angeles-based doctor (he’ll explain).

For the Red Banders out there who have a question for Annable, we encourage you to share them by using the #askLATimes hashtag, or leaving your comment on our Google Hangout page.

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