Sigourney Weaver teases possible Louis C.K. cameo in ‘Alien’ sequel

‘The Tonight Show’
Sigourney Weaver talks about the new “Alien” movie on “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon.

On Wednesday, Fox confirmed that director Neill Blomkamp was at work on a new “Alien” sequel. And on “The Tonight Show,” the queen alien-fighter herself, Sigourney Weaver, teased a possible tidbit about the film that would be as bizarre as it would be awesome.

Weaver was just at the celebrity-filled “SNL40" event on Sunday, rubbing shoulders with the hundreds of former cast members and hosts when she bumped into the stand-up comedian of the moment, Louis C.K. She mentioned the possibility of a new “Alien” film and his response was perfect.

“Louis C.K. said, ‘I want to be in it and I want to die in a terrible way,’” Weaver told Jimmy Fallon.

“I said, ‘I’m sure something can be arranged,’” Weaver responded.


So was this just a bunch of show business hooey, or was it the genesis of a brilliant Louis C.K. cameo? Can we get something awful bursting from his chest, please?

Weaver and Blomkamp just worked together on the science fiction film, “Chappie.” Here’s hoping the two of them can figure out some brilliant way for Louis C.K. to die. Only on screen, of course.

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