Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone are the cutest couple ever on ‘SNL’

Andrew Garfield on ‘SNL’
Andrew Garfield hosts “Saturday Night Live,” with Emma Stone and Aidy Bryant on to help.

How are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone like puppies? The answer is, like cute baby animals, they’re both adorable on their own, but their winsomeness grows exponentially when they’re together.

This was demonstrated on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, when Garfield was joined onstage by his “The Amazing Spider-Man” costar and girlfriend Stone. Stone, a two-time veteran of the show, showed up to “help” Garfield with the monologue, but ended up as more of a backseat driver. It should be noted though that Aidy Bryant stole the stars’ moment by showing a nanosecond-long clip of the latest “Spider-Man” movie that she’s in, and then claimed that that was the entire movie.

The second-most adorable couple on the show, of course, was Garfield and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. In another sketch, Garfield and Stone work on a kissing scene for “Spider-Man,” only to reveal that the two of them don’t know how to kiss like normal human beings. Instead they touched wide-open mouths, shared a pocket of air, and laughed maniacally before touching tongues. Chris Martin then stopped by to show Garfield how it’s done, donning a blond ponytailed wig before saying, “You listen to me, you great spidery man,” and giving “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” the ending it ought to have.


Scenes like this showcased Garfield’s talents as host, demonstrating his ability to be high-energy and goofy, but also to hang back and not be a ham in every scene. In “Celebrity Family Feud,” he was the former, spoofing an intense, camera-hungry Justin Timberlake. (That sketch had a lot of good lines, like Steve Harvey telling Drake that “Canada is just French for Chicago” and saying that Russell Crowe’s singing is like “getting yelled at by your butcher.”)

Garfield was able to play it straighter in “Beygency,” a scene written for anybody who has ever felt like an outsider for believing that Beyoncé is merely very good instead of great, very beautiful instead of gorgeous, better-than-average instead of flaw-free. In the video, Garfield is hunted by an mysterious agency for refusing to agree with some friends that Beyoncé is the best performer in history, briefly being joined by Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub of “24" before they meet an untimely shuffling from this mortal coil.


The whole episode was kicked off by a Garfield-free cold open that addressed the Donald Sterling fiasco. In the scene, Bobby Moynihan as Sterling makes a speech that includes racially derogatory comments, joined by his girlfriend, Dennis Rodman and the chairman of the NAACP, all of whom helped drive home the not-very-funny message that when you’ve got a lot of money, you can get away with a lot of terrible stuff, at least for awhile.

Next week “SNL” returns live with its penultimate episode of the year, with Charlize Theron as host and the Black Keys as musical guest.


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